The intent of the History curriculum at Ovingham Middle School is to inspire a love of learning among students and promote meaningful engagement with a range of historical subject content. We aim to bring History to life for our learners and believe all students should possess a secure and insightful knowledge of the past which allows them to contextualise and understand the world in which they live.

Curriculum planning is informed and driven by our HEART values which encourage the development of personal skills and attributes. The breadth of curriculum allows students opportunities to explore the historical relationships between diverse cultures and traditions, promotingĀ acceptanceĀ and understanding of a range of ideas and perspectives.Ā TeamworkĀ and group activities are an integral part of the approach to History teaching at Ovingham Middle School; students are encouraged to work collaboratively in class to explore and evaluate source materials; in group discussions and debates students learn how to challenge and support ideas using evidence. History is an interpretative subject and we are passionate in our commitment to encourageĀ honestyĀ and originality in student responses. Across the key stages students are offered the opportunity to express their ideas and demonstrate understanding using a range of mediums including extended writing, presentation, discussion, and creative response; this variety promotesĀ resilienceĀ among students as they develop confidence and ability to communicate their ideas in different ways and act on feedback to ensure progress. We maintain high expectations of all students in the History department and promote an inclusive culture ofĀ excellenceĀ which is founded on the principle of ensuring all students recognise their potential and receive the support and encouragement necessary to achieve to the full extent of their ability.

Throughout their time with us students develop the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed once they progress into KS4. However, in addition to their academic development all students will leave Ovingham Middle School endued with a sense of awe and wonder for the past and a keen understanding of the importance it holds for our future.

History Sequence of Learning