Our vision is to provide a stimulating and inspiring education that is open, challenging and accessible to all.

Our ethos:

  • We believe that every child can succeed.
  • We believe that every child should feel happy, inspired, included, safe, valued and capable of achieving their potential.
  • We believe children learn most effectively when they are interested, excited and stimulated by engaging in a large variety of learning experiences.
  • We believe in education in its broadest sense, knowing that the arts, sport and other opportunities help shape us as individuals and as citizens of the wider world.
  • We believe that we should work alongside you, as parents and carers, in ensuring that your child achieves the very best they can.

We are committed to enabling all of our students to develop their knowledge and understanding, skills and mindset, so that they can take their next steps with confidence. Our aspiration is that every child will grow into a happy, fulfilled and successful adult. Whilst upholding British and cultural values we believe we are part of a wider world and we work together to create responsible, independent and free thinking individuals capable of supporting and changing our communities and the world.

Our vision: 

We aspire to develop pupils who are lifelong learners with:

  • enthusiasm and motivation for learning
  • determination to reach high standards of achievement
  • openness to new thinking and ideas

and who are able to:

  • use literacy, communication and numeracy skills
  • use technology for learning
  • think creatively and independently
  • learn independently and as part of a group
  • make reasoned evaluations
  • link and apply different kinds of learning in new situations

We aspire to support pupils who have:

  • self respect
  • a sense of physical, mental and emotional wellbeing
  • secure values and beliefs

and who are able to:

  • relate to others and manage themselves
  • pursue a healthy and active lifestyle
  • be self aware
  • develop and communicate their own beliefs and view of the world
  • live as independently as they can
  • assess risk and take informed decisions
  • achieve success in different areas of activity

We aspire to raise pupils’ awareness and understanding of their role in the wider world who have:

  • respect for others
  • a commitment to participate responsibly in political, economic, social and cultural life

and who are able to:

  • develop knowledge and understanding of the world and our place in it
  • understand different beliefs and cultures
  • make informed choices and decisions
  • evaluate environmental, scientific and technological issues
  • develop informed, ethical views of complex issues

We aspire to develop pupils who are effective contributors


  • an enterprising attitude
  • resilience
  • self-reliance

and who are able to:

  • communicate in different ways and different settings
  • work in partnership and in teams
  • take the initiative and lead
  • apply critical thinking in new concepts
  • create and develop
  • solve problems

Core values

Within Ovingham Middle School we have five core values which reflect our ethos and vision and guide our staff and pupils every day:

Our HEART values:

‘At the Heart of our school are our Core Values’