At Ovingham Middle School, we create a culture which aims to inspire pupils to enjoy physical activity so that they can lead healthy and fulfilling lifestyles.  The core HEART values underpin our carefully planned, extensive curriculum as we strive to ensure that children believe anything can be achieved with determination and resilience.  We believe that all children need opportunities to enjoy being physically active so that they can maintain a healthy lifestyle and increase their self-esteem through sporting activity. With this in mind, we ensure that our inclusive curriculum is delivered with a ‘can do’ approach as we firmly believe that every pupil should experience success.

Our children are taught to observe and accept the conventions of fair play, respect, and good sporting behaviour as either an individual, through teamwork or as spectators.  Pupils engage in activities that develop the essential components of fitness; cardio-vascular endurance, agility, flexibility, speed, strength and balance. Sport is a key tool in building character and we actively encourage and promote the role of Young Sports Leader, allowing pupils to adopt a positive coaching role across school.  Our varied and stimulating curriculum leads to excellence: not only do pupils have the opportunity to compete at both county, national and international level, but we are proud of the fact that we have secured the School Games Mark Platinum Award for several consecutive years.

As well as deepening a range of skills, knowledge and concepts, our curriculum provides opportunities to develop essential life skills such as respect, teamwork, and honesty.  Pupils leave us with the necessary knowledge and skills to become physically active citizens in order to benefit their long-term health and wellbeing.