The Science department at Ovingham Middle School is driven by our core HEART values as well as the principle of equality for all. As a Rights Respecting School, we strive to ensure that all pupils have an accessible, engaging and challenging science curriculum that builds confidence, encourages pupils to use their voice, and, provides opportunities for each individual to shine. We aim to promote an ethos of scientific questioning and to instil skills that prepare pupils for the future and allow them to make informed decisions. We achieve this by delivering a curriculum that inspires, entertains and informs pupils while they develop a secure understanding of the scientific process.

Pupils are provided with opportunities to build observational, practical, enquiry and modelling skills that will allow them to critically evaluate sources of information using the scientific method of analysis, methodology, evidence and evaluation. Collaborative learning opportunities are strategically planned to develop key teamwork skills and our pupils are encouraged to ensure that no pupil is left behind. Pupils are supported to share their thoughts and opinions with honesty, reflecting on their ideas against scientific theory. Throughout their time at Ovingham Middle, pupils will explore a range of topics which promote acceptance and tolerance of differences as they take responsibility for their learning, treating each other and resources with respect. Pupils are inspired to achieve excellence by setting and working towards their own aspirational targets which allows them to become confident, effective and resilient learners who know that it is only through our mistakes that we can truly learn and make progress. Pupils leave us on the path to success for the next stage of their educational journey.