Keeping Safe Online!

If someone stopped you in the street and asked for your address and phone number…would you give it?

No of course you wouldn’t.  But sometimes just filling in a form on line seems harmless, or talking about where you have been seems like making friends.  It may not be that simple.

You will all use the internet in some way at some time.  We want you to be safe and know the risks.  More importantly we want you to know how to avoid the horrible stories you sometimes hear about whilst enjoying the unbelievable amount of resources and knowledge on the Internet.

You will learn about CEOP and e safety in your ICT lessons but we thought it would be good to remind you of some simple tips and give you a link to a really good site that shows you how to be safe and how to report things your feel are just not right.

If you are in any doubt about anything you find, see or are about to do online… ask your parents or a teacher if they think it is okay.  If you see your friends doing something you are not comfortable about… tell your parents or a teacher.  If you wouldn’t do it in the real world… don’t do it in the virtual world!

Link Description
 CEOP Report Advice Want to know when to fill out a CEOP report? Check out this advice on filling out a CEOP report!
 CEOP Report Use this link to report abuse to the CEOP (police) team This is the website that is full of information for all ages.
E-safety Help and Advice A webpage that gives advice on a range of different e-safety issues